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Xclusive Sites has been providing web development services for nine years. After providing services in multiple languages on several platforms we decide to focus on LAMP. This decision allowed us to concentrate on what we do best. With our years of experience and so many open source projects built on LAMP, Xclusive Sites is the best place for Managed Open Source Applications.

A message from the Owner: Dave Arnold

I started Xclusive Sites to help small businesses struggling with code. My first customer was a web development company that needed help troubleshooting and fixing a code problem from an inherited application.

As time has gone by I see companies attempting to take advantage of the low cost of ownership that comes with Open Source, but simply don't have the resources in-house to manage it. Now my focus is solving this problem.

Let me help your company utilize Open Source Applications for what they can do for you.

I am expert in hosting and extending, LAMP stack, open source applications for, learning management systems, ecommerce stores, blogs, corporate and personal websites. I've worked with companies just like yours in every industry from banking to medical to off-road baja racing. Let me work for you to achieve your online needs.